NUTREIN Energy coming soon...
Try a Sample Pack now
NUTREIN Energy coming soon...
Try a Sample Pack now
NUTREIN Energy coming soon...
Try a Sample Pack now
NUTREIN Energy coming soon...
Try a Sample Pack now
NUTREIN Energy coming soon...
Try a Sample Pack now
NUTREIN Energy coming soon...
Try a Sample Pack now


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Benefits of Nutrein.

Hypoallergenic and easy to digest (so no bloating!)

Plant-based, clear rice protein

Free from lactose, gluten, and added sugar

Packed full of nutritious superfoods and essential vitamins

Light and refreshing

≤ 100kcal

Tastes just like juice

Award-winning product

Nutrein’s FCUS gives you that boost without the crash

As a doctor, I often find it difficult to balance awkward shift times with weight training! Nutrein’s FCUS gives you that boost without the crash or harshness that pre-workouts can give. It even comes in handy for a long old night shift!

Dr A Belshaw

10/10 recommended

“I've never been able to drink protein shakes before because I've not enjoyed the taste or consistency but WOW! Nutrein has converted me. Their FCUS shake is delicious, and I'd enjoy it even without all the amazing health benefits - they're just a huge bonus. The Nutrein protein shaker mixes the powder perfectly too.’


Delicious and what a buzz!

Love this! Not only is it delicious but the added benefit of the 20g of protein is an added bonus for anyone who struggles to hit their protein intake goals. The powder dissolves so easily and the taste is not compromises.

Jamila Najar

They have done an amazing job perfecting this product

I have recently tried the Nutrein product and as an ex-professional sportsman and still amateur cricketer. I have to say this is by far the best protein drink that I've ever tried, no gritty aftertaste, no sickly feeling. It is the best by far. Only wish it was available back when i was playing and training.

Chris D

Highly recommended

The shakes are as light and refreshing as drinking a glass of fruit squash, but with all of the benefits of supporting a fit and healthy lifestyle. And the fact that the shaker doubles as a diffuser makes me love this innovative brand even more.

Tracy Kiss

Loved it!

Didn’t leave a heavy feeling in my stomach like others do, and unreal flavours. I tried the UNWND and woke up feeling great; these products are definitely a must have!

Ocean Larkin

These are next level...

...especially FCUS, which is strawberry and watermelon.
Fast delivery and amazing customer service


Love using this!

Always feeling stronger the day after an intense workout and ready to go again

Jorome Slew

Clear Protein vs. Traditional Whey Protein

Our clear, multi-functional protein drinks include added vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to support overall health and performance.By using water as the base, they not only provide protein but also contribute to your daily fluid intake.

They are low in calories and sugar; a great choice for those who are mindful of their calorie intake or trying to reduce sugar consumption.The liquid consistency allows for quicker absorption of amino acids into the bloodstream, which is beneficial after a workout when your muscles are primed to take in nutrients for recovery.

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